Thursday, 18 February 2010

New blog... and my baby swallowed a button....

Decided after thinking long and hard that I needed to create a blog, to write about day to day pitfalls of creating with small baby underfoot, and two older sons who can't keep their fingers out of my button stash!

I could write a whole page about the perils of creating jewellery with a 10 month old agile little monkey staggering about, like how we discovered a gem encrusted special button in his nappy, (which is nice!) Needless to say, I won't be using it! As much as I love to recycle and repurpose buttons and beads, this is an instance where I couldn't do it! (to me, or my lovely potential buyers!)

"He has a stash of buttons in those cheeks I reckon!"

Anyway, there is so much I could write about, and so little time, will just unpeel this baby from my shins, make a cuppa, and contemplate what to do next! Am thinking, I need to build myself a shed (aka studio!) in the bottom of the garden, with nice high shelves, perhaps I may take up smoking a pipe?!


Pussy Galore said...

What a cute chap he is!

Love the blog design too xxx

NH said...

pmsl- Bless him. he realy is adorable.
I'll never forget the time my son came home from nursery and did a silver sparkle poo! Guess who ate and entire pot of glitter?!

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